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Life's Abundance natural dog and cat food is formulated by holistic veterinarian, Dr Jane Bicks. Our healthy dog and cat treats, supplements and pet care products work together with Life's Abundance dog and cat food to help your pet live the longest, healthiest life! Life’s Abundance premium health food for dogs and cats is always made with the freshest ingredients, shipped to your door generally within 4-6 weeks of being made and has never been on a recall list!

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The Life's Abundance supplement line is spectacular. We've got your covered with fish oil, a plant protein drink, a greens blend drink, a multivitamin, a probiotic and minerals and antioxidant drink. Our supplement line is non-gmo, vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and grain free. There are no added sugars, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives or artificial colors. 

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Life's Abundance skin and body care products are made with pure organic plant-based ingredients and formulated for fabulous results. You won’t have to choose between your health and looking great ever again.
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Although you may think all pet food manufacturers have your pet’s best interests in mind, this is not always the case. Current pet food regulations allow manufacturers to use ingredients that you would never knowingly give to your pet. In fact, you may be shocked to learn what some brands of pet food really contain. For example: the use of by-products (feet, bones and intestines, etc.), chemical preservatives (BHA and BHT) and grains that are often difficult to digest (corn, wheat, gluten and soy), which are often used as a protein source instead of meat.
Look at the pet products on the shelves today. Many pet foods contain poor sources of protein such as corn, wheat or by-products. Then there are artificial flavors and colors and chemical preservatives. Don't forget the environmental hazards our pets are subjected to every day. So it's not hard to understand why good nutrition is critical.
The Life's Abundance exclusive product line is formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a highly respected and nationally recognized holistic veterinarian. Dr. Bicks is the author of three books on pet care and nutrition. She has served on many professional boards. Dr. Bicks was the President of the Veterinary Medical Association of NYC and was appointed by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to help start one of the largest animal shelters in the U.S.
Dr. Bicks uses the best of modern science and the best of Mother Nature to formulate Life's Abundance natural products.