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Life's Abundance Safe Natural Floor Wash Concentrate

Let friendly bacteria do the cleaning for you! Our Microbial Grease Digestant (MGD) Viable Bacterial Cultures live to serve, and they’re hungry for odor causing organic detritus. Don’t just wipe away muck and grime, eradicate it completely!

* Secret Ingredient - Microbial Grease Digestant
* Effectively Rids Dirt, Grime And Odor
* Safe On Tile, Carpet, Trash Bins, Hampers And More
* One Bottle Makes Up To 64 Gallons Of Floor Wash
* ​Safe For Use Around Kids, Dogs And Cats

This amazing product contains microbial grease digesters that eliminate dirt, grime and odor causing microscopic debris. Just one bottle contains enough concentrate to make 64 gallons of cleaning product.

Life's Abundance Bio Base Floor Wash works extremely well on waxed and polished floors, hardwoods, glazed ceramic tile, concrete, quarry tile, even brick. Best of all, it’s non toxic, fully biodegradable, has a neutral pH and contains no harmful phosphates. Unlike other serious cleansers, ours emits no noxious odors. Pleasantly scented, with a hint of almonds.

As an added bonus, when you pour the discarded mop water into a sink, the MGD component continues to work, clearing your drain lines from grease build up and lingering odors.

Life's Abundance Safe Natural Floor Wash Concentrate

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Life's Abundance Safe Natural Floor Wash Concentrate