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Life's Abundance Natural Cat And Kitten Treats For Healthy Skin And Coat

Life's Abundance natural cat and kitten treats for healthy skin and coat features premium nutrition, with added vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients, that nourish and protect skin and coats.

* Chicken, Herring And Liver Meals
* Guaranteed Vitamin C & E, Omega 3 And DHA & EPA
* Healthier Hair Can Minimize Hairballs
* Made In The USA

Ingredients And Guaranteed Analysis Of Life's Abundance Natural Treats For Cats And Kittens Healthy Skin And Coat

Healthy skin is much more likely to produce strong, luxurious hair, it’s vital to nourish the skin. The omega 3 fatty acids in this premium formula help prevent overly dry skin, while vitamin E helps maintain skin elasticity. The added vitamin C in this formula helps the body to produce collagen, skin’s major component. Protein is necessary for the growth and maintenance of a strong, resilient coat, this delectable recipe features chicken, herring and chicken liver. Cats and kittens adore the appetizing flavor of these savory nuggets.

For coats that are resilient and resplendent, simply add this dietary supplement to your cat’s daily regimen.

Life’s Abundance Natural Cat Treats For A Healthy Skin And Coat

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